Disney’s All Star Movie Resort


When traveling to Disney one of the first decisions is “where to stay?” Staying on Disney property offers a variety of advantages from free transportation to extended park hours. Once the decision to stay on Disney property has been made an even bigger decision must be made: which of the countless Disney resorts will you stay at?

If traveling with kids one of the better and most affordable options is the Disney Value Resorts. One such resort is Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. This resort features simple rooms decorated in bright colors that kids will love. The property also features enormous statues and other decorations inspired by your kids favorite Disney movies and cartoons.

The resort also features the Fantasia-Themed Pool where Sorcerer Mickey sprays water at this expansive pool inspired by the classic Disney film. For the little ones, a kiddie pool and water play area are also located at the resort.

The resort also features the World Premiere Food Court where 5 movie “marquees” premiere tasty food favorites all day, from omelets in the morning to pasta at night. You can also watch complimentary screenings of Disney films on select nights by the Fantasia Pool.

So the next time you plan a visit to Walt Disney World check out Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.