Relax amidst Mayan temples and pyramids at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

If you are heading to Walt Disney World and have an interest in all-things Mayan then you definitely want to check out Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. The resort is billed by Disney as “a Southwestern-themed haven of brightly colored casitas, rustic ranchos and beachfront cabanas” yet it also features a significant amount of Mayan-themed attractions.

IMG_4086Perhaps the most prominent Mayan-influenced feature of the resort is the pyramid. This 50-foot replica of a Mayan pyramid is the centerpiece of a complex known as the Dig Site Pool which Disney calls “an awesome aquatic area.” Unlike real Mayan pyramids, Disney’s version features a waterfall flowing down the steps likely as a means to dissuade visitors from attempting to climb it. This waterfall flows down into the Lost City of Cibola pool. There is also the spitting Juaguar Slide, a waterslide built into the pyramid that delivers visitors to the same pool. This area also features the largest outdoor hot tub at Walt Disney World Resort.

To the east of the pool area is The Ball Court. This volleyball court is cleverly designed like a Mayan ball court. It features a replica of a Mayan ball court goal or ring where Mayan ball players would attempt to score points by using their hips to hit a heavy rubber ball through the tiny opening. The Ball Court entrance is guarded by a massive, colorful concrete recreation of a feathered serpent, a Mayan mythological creature that was at the center of their beliefs.

To the west of the pool area is a “play” area featuring an arcade and playground. The arcade is designed as a replica of a Mayan temple. It is decorated with many Mayan gods such as the Long Nosed God. The entrance to the arcade is flanked by two feathered serpents. A Mayan calendar wheel hangs from a wall near the arcade.

Next to the arcade is a kids playground area featuring Olmec and Mayan-inspired features. The Olmecs, believed to be the mother-culture to the Maya, were known for the creature of enormous stone heads. A recreation of one such head is available for kids to play in on the playground. The playground also features a slide in the form of a feathered serpent.

The final Mayan-themed feature of Coronado Springs Resort is a restaurant called the Maya Grill. Disney’s website states, “What’s Mayan is yours at this grand Mexican dining room featuring ancient-modern styling and Nuevo Latino cuisines.” The entrance to the restaurant features a recreation of an exquisite Mayan mural. Throughout the restaurant recreations of various Mayan murals can be found along the walls. Recreations of Mayan sculpture can also be found hanging on the walls.

If you happen to have an interest in Mayan culture and you find yourself looking for a place to stay at the Walt Disney World Resort, look no further than Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.