Sea World field trip offered education and fun for second graders

Second graders from an Orlando-area elementary school had the adventure of a lifetime when they got to attend Sea World for a field trip as part of Sea World’s Education Program. They learned all about sea life from the famed Orcas to Beluga Whales, walruses, sea lions, penguins, sharks, manta rays and more. In addition to the educational components the kids got to enjoy all of the park’s rides from a mini-coaster and carousel to the exhilaration of the water ride Atlantis.

The day started with a special performance by Sea World’s family of killer whales in the live show One Ocean. The trio of Orcas led by Shamu performed leaps that thrilled the audience showcasing their speed and agility. They also used their tails to splash any guests sitting in the splash zone.

After the killer whale show the kids visited the nearby Arctic Adventure pavilion where they rode a virtual helicopter ride through the Arctic. They then got to visit the arctic aquariums where they were able to see Beluga whales, walruses, and sea lions swimming majestically in arctic-inspired environments.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin offered another opportunity for the kids to view arctic critters. Multiple varieties of penguins shared the freezing habitat. The exhibit was quite chilly for guests in shorts but offered a nice respite from the Florida heat and humidity. The kids’ favorite part was watching the penguins zoom around underwater at high speeds while performing all types of maneuvers to avoid crashing into one another.

Another highlight of the field trip was learning about sea lions and walruses in the live show “Sea Lion High.” In this show the kids got to see these animals performing natural behaviors in a comedic way. The sea lions and walruses was joined by an otter who provided endless amusement with his cute antics.

The kids also got to view many varieties of sharks and manta rays in the Shark Tank. They got to pet stingrays in the Stingray Touch Tank. And they got to visit an aquarium where they saw many varieties of sea life.

The kids also enjoyed the various rides the park had to offer. The Shamu Coaster was a kid-sized roller coaster that even the adult chaperones enjoyed. But the hands-down favorite was the water ride Atlantis. This ride was part log flume and part roller coaster. Just when you thought the ride was over after the first big splash it transformed into a high speed roller coaster that ended with another splash. Kids young and old enjoyed this ride so much they rode it multiple times.

Overall, Sea World offers a fantastic venue for field trips with a variety of learning opportunities for school children.