Pumpkin Patch in Celebration, Florida


Halloween is fast approaching and if you have not carved your Jack-o-lantern yet then you might want to head on over to Celebration, Florida. The Community Presbyterian Church in downtown Celebration is hosting their annual Pumpkin Patch. Here you can select from a variety of sizes and styles of pumpkins starting at around $2. They have everything from giant Jack-o-lanterns to tiny pumpkins that will fit in the palm of your hand.

The Celebration Pumpkin Patch is no ordinary pumpkin patch, though. It is decorated with a great variety of inflatable Halloween decorations from spiders and dragons to a Pac-Man pumpkin chasing ghosts. There’s even a vampire Mickey Mouse, a fitting tribute considering the Walt Disney Company originally built the town of Celebration.

In addition to the inflatable decorations there are also several spots for group photo opportunities. The care and thought put into the decorations elevate this pumpkin patch from a mere shopping experience to a must-see destination. Considering the pumpkin patch is walking distance from downtown Celebration, a family could easily make a nice outing adding in shopping and dining in this beautiful and picturesque town. Overall, the Presbyterian Church Pumpkin Patch in Celebration, Florida is worth a visit whether you intend to purchase a pumpkin or not.