Top 7 things to do in Maitland, Florida

Central Florida isn’t all about Orlando and Disney World. Many small towns and cities around the Orlando area offer many fun things to do. One such town is Maitland. Check out this list of the top 7 things to do in Maitland, Florida.

Audobon Center for Birds of Prey

DSC08675The Audobon Center for Birds of Prey focuses on the rescue, medical treatment, rehabilitation and release of Florida’s raptors. Here you can see bald eagles, Mexican eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, falcons and more as they progress through their treatment schedule. Visitors can take a walk to the Center’s gazebo for a short break and to view the Center’s Magic of Flight barn, which houses birds currently under rehabilitation. Located on a small lake visitors can also enjoy a boardwalk and pavillion that takes them into a man-made wetland, a natural pollutant reducer improving the water quality of the lake where ducks and other water fowl can be spotted.

Lake Lily Park

DSC08733Lake Lily Park is just a short drive from the Audobon Center for Birds of Prey. Here your little ones can actually feed the birds such as ducks and white ibises that are year-round residents of the park. There is also a fenced-in playground at the park located near train tracks where your little one can watch the occasional freight train pass by. A walking/jogging path that used to be part of the Old Dixie Highway is also a highlight of the park.

Sheraton Inn

The Sheraton Inn of Maitland is a great spot to grab a bite to eat. The restaurant and lounge areas are housed under a towering glass atrium. For architecture buffs this space was inspired by the legendary Crystal Palace, the first all steel and glass building constructed in England in 1851. You can either begin your day here with a delicious breakfast or end it here with dinner. Lunch is also served.

Enzian Theater

IMG_5485Surrounded by weeping oaks, a bubbling fountain, and a beautiful courtyard, Enzian is a unique movie-going experience. As Central Florida’s only full-time, art house cinema, Enzian shows first-run independent features as well as classic films. Enzian also offers a variety of special events, such as the nationally-recognized Florida Film Festival.

Maitland Art Center

The Maitland Art Center was founded as an art colony (called the Research Studio) in 1938 by visionary American artist and architect André Smith (1880-1959). The center features extensive (and beautiful) grounds featuring an outdoor chapel and Mayan courtyard which are popular locations for weddings. Inside features art exhibits and art classes for young and old alike.

Maitland Community Park

The Maitland Community Park features 4 lighted tennis courts, indoor racquetball courts, miles of jogging trails, a boardwalk, several shaded pavilions for picnics, 2 children’s play areas, a Vita course, 2 lighted basketball courts, several shaded pavillions & brick patio for picnics.

Sand Hill Crane Spotting

In addition to the previous top five things to do in Maitland, Florida there is one more that is unique to the area- Sand Hill Crane spotting. These giant birds, standing almost 4 feet tall, can be found walking down sidewalks, in drainage ditches, in parking lots, and various other locations around the city. Although it is illegal (and dangerous) to feed them catching a site of these giant birds is always a fun activity.