Disney Springs makes for perfect daddy-daughter date


If you’re a father looking for the perfect place to spend time with your daughter look no further than Disney Springs. There is far more than you can do in one evening so here’s a sample itinerary to make the most of your precious time with your little princess:

  1. T-Rex: There is no need to try passing by this restaurant with your little one. With the outside decorated with life-sized skeletons of a Brontosaurus and Tyranasaurus Rex, your little one will beg, cajole and drag you into this place. Resistance is futile, so just go with it. Once inside you’ll likely be as thrilled as your little princess when you see the life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that come to life every few minutes. While you’re waiting for a table be sure not to miss the Dino Dig where your little one can play in a giant sand box with a dozen other kids all trying to unearth fossilized dinosaur bones. Once your ‘expedition of two’ is called to its table, you will be assured of sticker shock when you see the menu prices. But look at it this way: you’d likely pay just as much if you took your daughter to see dinosaurs at a science museum yet you wouldn’t get a scrumptious meal thrown in. And yes, the food is good so no worries there. In fact, the portion sizes are so huge you could easily share a meal with your little one. The half-ribs-and-rotisserie-chicken makes for the perfect shareable meal. Of course, don’t forget to buy a memento in the gift shop in order to memorialize your outstanding outing.
  2. Just across from T-Rex is the Lego Store. Swing in here for photo opportunities with Incredible Hulk and Toy Story figures made from Legos. The best part is the Lego race track out front. Here your little one can build her own race car and race it against other kids’ creations. You can easily blow an hour here so be aware! And don’t miss the photo opportunities outside with other amazing Lego creations.
  3. In the lagoon outside the Lego Store is a giant, undulating sea dragon made entirely from Legos. Once you’ve gotten your photo op here just wait a few. You’ll soon be surprised by a volcanic eruption across the lagoon at Rain Forest Cafe. Giant flames shoot from the top of this volcano-shaped building making for a spectacular site at nighttime.
  4. After the heavy meal at T-Rex and brain-draining engineering project at the Lego Store, your little one will likely need to be re-energized. Just head towards the techno music in the distance to find a nightly dance party for kids and their parents. This should help you and your little one work off that calorie-intense meal you just had at T-Rex!
  5. Your darling princess will likely be ready for a treat by now so head on over to the Goofy Candy Company. Here you can find all types of treats from dipped and decorated apples to dipped and decorated Rice Krispy treats. Of course they have a variety of cupcakes, fudge and other delectable delights to satisfy both your daughter’s and your sweet tooth.
  6. As your evening winds down you likely would like to just sit and relax a bit. Head on over to the Starbucks near Wolfgang Puck’s. Here you can grab a chai latte while your little one is thrilled by the interactive video screen where she can freeze-frame the video feed and trace over it with her fingers.