Spring Carnival in St. Marys, Georgia

 Watch our visit to the Spring Carnival in St. Marys, Georgia shot with the Sony WX50 Cybershot camera. If you’d like to create your own free video slideshow with your own photos click here.


While visiting the little coastal town of St. Marys, Georgia we happened to pass a shopping center parking lot filled with carnival rides and games. My four year old daughter was mesmerized by the Ferris Wheel and begged to ride it. Thus began our unexpected attendance at the Spring Carnival in St. Marys, Georgia.

ferris wheelOur first stop was, of course, the ticket booth and then the Ferris Wheel. There was basically no line so we just walked right up and was boarding the ride in seconds. My daughter loved the ride and spent her time waving at fellow passengers and enjoying her bird’s eye view.

Next we walked around to see what the carnival had to offer. Carnival workers repeatedly tried to entice us to play one of the many games. After successfully avoiding their offers we passed by many rides that were clearly geared towards teenagers and adults. Finally we made it to the back of the carnival where the little kiddie rides were located.

fire engine rideThe first ride we found was a fire engine ride. Almost all the firetrucks were occupied but one remained empty. Once again we were able to simply walk right up, hand over our tickets and our daughter was strapped into her very own miniature fire truck. My daughter’s face was all smiles but all too soon the ride was over and we were in search of new entertainment.

The next ride we found was called Jalopy Junction and featured old-timey cars driving around a circular track. There were a few more people in line this time but my daughter soon handed over her tickets, boarded the last remaining vehicle and was on her way around and around the track in her 1920’s era replica car.

spinning dragonAfter disembarking this ride we headed straight to the Spinning Dragons located behind Jalopy Junction. This ride was like Disney’s spinning tea cups except you sat in the belly of a colorful dragon and turned a large wheel to spin the dragon as it circled around and around. Unfortunately the little boy who joined my daughter in her dragon wasn’t much interested in helping spin the dragon so my daughter was left to do all the work herself.

After a few times around the ride came to an end and all the kids disembarked. We next headed to the Fun House where my daughter handed over her tickets and then followed a little boy into the maze of mirrors and windows until they disappeared from view. Minutes later she appeared on the second floor of the structure and then slid down a colorful slide back to ground level.

goldfishWe next looked at the remaining rides, a helicopter ride and carousel but my daughter was too short to ride either ride without an adult and unfortunately we were running low on tickets. But then my daughter decided she wanted to try to win a goldfish by throwing ping pong balls into small fish bowls. I remember playing the same carnival game as a kid and winning a goldfish only to have it die two days later. Despite my previous bad luck, I paid for ten balls and my daughter tried but failed to win a goldfish. She was so disappointed at her failure and burst into tears. No matter how much me and her mother tried to console her she was simply not having it. I knew the only way out of this situation was to distract her with another ride. So we went back to the Spinning Dragons, her favorite ride, and got in line. She was soon on the ride but this time her new partner helped her turn the ring to spin the dragon. She was quite excited about this and was in a much better mood when she got off the ride.

cotton candyShe was still a little upset about the goldfish and decided a treat would help her get over. She wanted cotton candy so we went to the cotton candy booth and ordered a large bag. It was just what the doctor ordered and the goldfish was soon a distant memory.

Overall we had a lot of fun at the little Spring Carnival in St. Marys, Georgia.