New T. Rex exhibit now open at The Museum of Science and History

center_mosh_3The most ferocious dinosaur that ever lived has arrived at the Museum of Science & History. At 42-feet long, 12-feet tall and 3,500 pounds, Sue is the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered. The exhibit, A T. rex Named Sue, opened at MOSH Memorial Day Weekend, May 26, 2012 and is currently on-going.

A replica cast of the actual T. rex is the keystone piece of this traveling exhibition on loan from The Field Museum in Chicago. The exhibit also includes a dig pit, video footage, and free-standing interactive exhibits. Guests can touch casts of Sue’s arm, rib, tail bone and teeth; peek into the cretaceous world through the eyes of a T. rex and a triceratops, and manipulate a model of Sue’s jaws to demonstrate how her gigantic jaw muscles slammed shut on prey.

Don’t forget that MOSH offers “$5 Fridays” where every Friday admission is only five bucks! Learn more at the museum website: