Food Truck Friday in Celebration, Florida

Once a month the picturesque town of Celebration, Florida hosts some of the best food trucks in the Orlando area. Food Truck Friday, as it’s named, falls on the second Friday of each month and is always a lively affair.

This month included twelve food trucks such as Voodoo Kitchen, Over Rice, KBBQ Box, Monsta Lobsta, TJ’s Seafood Shack, Barnwood BBQ, among others. There were even two dessert trucks— one offering baked goods and the other ice cream. This Examiner sampled food from two of the trucks: TJ’s Seafood Shack and Barnwood BBQ.

After making one walk down the food truck alley to see all the offerings, the first stop of the afternoon would be at the Barnwood BBQ truck. This Examiner’s daughter is a barbecue fanatic so she ordered a pulled pork sandwich. After a very short wait our name was called and we picked up the sandwich.

Next we walked over to the TJ’s Seafood Shack truck and this Examiner ordered the Seafood Sampler. The sampler included Bang Bang Shrimp (so named because of its spiciness), Shrimp and Grits, and Fish & Chips. And then the waiting began. We waited and waited some more. My daughter wanted to grab one of the empty tables but I told her to just be patient and wait for me. She sat down on the curb and began sampling her barbecue.

I continued waiting. And waiting. Soon my daughter was done with her pulled pork sandwich and I was still without meal. Finally after about thirty minutes of waiting my name was called and I picked up my order. By this time all the tables were taken and there was nowhere to sit. Luckily I found an open park bench on the sidewalk and decided it would have to do.

When I opened my food tray I was quite surprised at the very small sample sizes. We’re talking probably two bites worth. I first tried the Bang Bang Shrimp. They were tasty but not really all that spicy.

Next I moved on to the Shrimp and Grits. I was surprised to see the shrimp were fried. Being somewhat of a Shrimp and Grits aficionado I had never had the dish with fried shrimp. It was rather tasty but after two bites was all gone.

Finally, I ate the Fish & Chips which was by far the largest of the three samples. It was as to be expected— good but nothing special. It was a decent meal but not likely something this Examiner would need to experience again.

Overall the experience was fun and the food was good and made for a delightful way to spend an hour in the lovely town of Celebration.