El Tenampa Mexican Restaurant in Kissimmee, Florida


El Tenampa Restaurant in Kissimmee, Florida produces some of the most authentic Mexican food outside of Mexico. I discovered this little gem while Googling where to find tacos al pastor in the Orlando area. After reading multiple reviews of how authentic El Tenampa’s tacos al pastor are, I had to try it.

Tacos al pastor are one of the most flavorful of all Mexican tacos. On my first trip to Mexico City it was the first food my native Mexican friend insisted I try along with ague frescas to wash them down. After returning to the U.S. I looked everywhere from Atlanta to Orlando to find authentic tacos al pastor with not much luck. Every version I tried was seriously lacking in the authentic tacos al pastor flavor.

Tacos al pastor are basically made from pork that has been marinated in a special sauce then sliced and piled high along with onions on a rotisserie grill then flamed grilled to perfection. It’s sometimes jokingly referred to as “Mexican barbecue.” Most shops in Mexico also top the rotisserie with pineapple that spills its juices down the pork meat as it grills over an open flame adding even more flavor to an already flavorful dish. The meat, onions and pineapple are then chopped and placed in a tortilla and topped with more chopped onions and cilantro. Limes are provided to squeeze on top and provide even more flavor.

Unfortunately, El Tenampa does not grill their tacos al pastor with pineapple so it is not a 100% authentic experience. But this hardly detracts from the dish since the flavor of the pork is so good on its own.

El Tenampa also serves up a variety of Agua Frescas. These are flavored waters made from various fruits, flowers and even rice. I ordered Horchata which is basically rice water with cinnamon and sugar added. This may sound strange to the average American but it is quite the tasty drink. Jamaica is my next favorite flavor which is made from Hibiscus flowers. It is sometimes referred to as “Mexican Kool-Aid” because of its similarity in flavor to this well-known American beverage. El Tenampa offers over six different flavors all served from giant transparent plastic jugs just like in Mexico.

If you want an authentic taste of Mexican street food that is hard to find in America, check out El Tenampa Restaurant in Kissimmee, Florida. Tacos al pastor are a delicious reason to visit but the menu feature all variety of authentic Mexican food.