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Jekyll Island’s ‘Easter Egg Stroll’ a fun-filled day for kids and parents alike

The annual Easter Egg Stroll held on Jekyll Island, Georgia offered a day of fun-filled activities enjoyed by kids and parents alike.  Located just an hour north of Jacksonville, Jekyll Island always makes a nice weekend roadtrip destination but Easter is an especially nice time to visit. The weather is particularly amazing around Easter time and the […]

Easter Egg Stroll on Jekyll Island, Georgia

I awoke early on the day before Easter with just one thought on my mind: I’ve got to buy my daughter an Easter basket! Being three years old she has really started getting into the excitement of the holidays and today was extra special. Today was the annual Easter Egg Stroll on beautiful Jekyll Island, […]

Ancient walled city, older than Egypt’s pyramids, unearthed off Georgia coast

Six hours southeast of Atlanta off the Georgia coast on Sapelo Island, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient walled city which predates the construction of Egypt’s pyramids. Known as the Sapelo Shell Ring Complex, this ancient city was constructed around 2300 B.C. and featured three neighborhoods each surrounded by circular walls twenty feet […]

Christmas in Savannah

Watch our video slideshow of photos taken during Christmas 2011 in Savannah, Georgia. If you would like to create a video slideshow of your own photos click here. There is never a bad time to visit Savannah, Georgia but December offers the best bang for the buck. First, unlike the hot, muggy summers, December in Savannah […]

Top ten Native American sites in Georgia

November is Native American Heritage Month, and what better way to celebrate than to visit one of the many sites in Georgia where Native American history is preserved and presented to the public? Here’s a list of the top ten Native American sites in Georgia: Ocmulgee Mounds: Located near Macon, this large mound group features […]

Top five Native American sites in north Florida

November is Native American Heritage Month and what better way to celebrate than to visit a location where Native American history and culture is preserved and presented to the public. Here’s a list of the top five Native American sites in north Florida: Letchworth-Love Mounds State Park: This 80-acre park includes one of the tallest and most architecturally complex pre-Columbian […]

Lost worlds of Florida: rediscover Florida’s Native American heritage

November is Native American Heritage Month and what better way to celebrate than to learn more about the American Indian tribes that once called Florida home. The websites LostWorlds.org and TheNewWorld.us are the perfect places to start your research into Florida’s Native American history. These sites contain several exhibits focused exclusively on learning more about Florida’s Native American past and present. Here’s a look: Ancient Civilizations of Florida: […]

Strange and macabre facts about Georgia’s Native Americans

A new online art exhibit about Georgia’s Timucua Indians reveals the darker side of their rituals and customs. The artwork was created by Jacques Le Moyne, an artist with the first French colony in the New World at Fort Caroline in modern-day Jacksonville, Florida. Le Moyne’s artwork of the Indians of southeast Georgia and northeast Florida are the first known depictions […]

Native Americans of northeast Florida & southeast Georgia revealed

Did you know the earliest known drawings of Native Americans were created right here in coastal Georgia and Florida back in 1564 at Fort Caroline in Jacksonville? These drawings, created by Jacques Le Moyne, show how Native Americans lived, fought, and loved at the time of first European contact and thus serve as an amazing window into the southeast’s […]

Crooked River State Park

This vista over the beautiful salt marsh is just one of the surprises awaiting you at Crooked River State Park in St. Marys, Georgia. Crooked River State Park, located in St. Mary’s, Georgia, is a nature lover’s paradise and the perfect place to spend a few hours walking. Home to a variety of diverse habitats […]

Day Trip to Gainesville, FL | Part 2: Lake Alice- a nature lover’s paradise

Home to a variety of wildlife including alligators, terrapins and a colony of 60,000 bats that take flight every evening at sunset, Lake Alice is a true gem of Gainesville, Florida. Located on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville just minutes from our previous destination of the Florida Museum of Natural History, Lake Alice is a nature lover’s paradise and the […]

Quest for Georgia’s Native Americans | Part 4: Brown’s Mount in Macon, Georgia

This article continues our exploration of Macon, Georgia with a visit to the Brown’s Mount site to help solve the mystery of Georgia’s Native Americans. Around 900 AD, Georgia’s Creek Indians constructed a series of towns consisting of enormous earthen pyramids, the largest of which were the lost cities of Ocmulgee and Etowah. So far in this series of articles we’ve visited two […]
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