Ancient Native American Sites in Georgia | Part 7: Etowah Mounds

Etowah Mounds‘ three massive earthen pyramids near Cartersville, Georgia represent the height of Native American civilization before the arrival of Europeans. The largest of the three mounds, known as the Great Temple Mound, is over 60 feet tall and was the likely location of temples, residences and other buildings. Mound C, the Funeral Mound, was […]

Ancient Native American Sites in Georgia | Part 5: Kolomoki Mounds

Kolomoki Mounds in Blakely, Georgia represents the beginnings of a new type of architecture for Georgia’s Indians: pyramids. Kolomoki’s massive Temple Mound is an earthen pyramid over 57 feet tall and its base is larger than a football field. It was constructed from colored clays primarily red and white clay with steps leading to the top where possible […]

Ancient Native American Sites in Georgia | Part 1: Overview & Introduction

The state of Georgia is home to some of the most important remains of Native American culture in North America. Native Americans constructed impressive structures, referred to as Indian Mounds, throughout the state for over 4,000 years. On the Atlantic coast they constructed the Sapelo Shell Ring complex before the ancient Egyptians had started construction on their famous pyramids. […]